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About IRK

The undertaking of Warsaw Stock Exchange called Institute of Capital Market – WSE Research, bridges the gap in the field of education and professional development of personnel for the overall capital market and in the field of capital market research programmes. The strategic objective of the Institute is to build position giving it entitlement to license certain professions and to certify development programmes.

The Institute’s mission statement provides for building the leading position in the education and in capital market research in Poland. High quality of personnel, enhancement of competitive edge and operational security of financial institutions are foundations of the presented educational concept for the capital market. The protection of securities trade of participants is a priority for the Institute.

Key operational areas

  • Training
The Institute is developing a comprehensive training curricula at several levels of advancement enabling the trainees to acquire and widen qualifications matching ever changing market requirements.
In 2011 the Institute plans to launch a dedicated e-learning platform. The development of a wide offer of e-learning and video e-learning courses is underway. They will combine expert knowledge of curriculum developers with the latest technological achievements.
Efforts are underway to develop packages of lectures and seminars useful to specific professional profiles e.g. jobber, investment adviser, supervision inspector, capital market solicitor, trader, specialist for securities settlement, futures specialist or investment relations specialist.
Also Qualifications are being mapped out for the capital service sector in Poland, based on the implementation of European Qualifications Framework.

  • Conferences
Topic-specific conferences widen the educational scope of Institute. The participation in the events vital to the development of financial markets and broadly understood social education is one of elements of Institute’s mission statement.
The Institute undertakes actively joint actions within the WSE Capital Group supporting, among others, initiatives aimed at the development of financial instrument trading market.

  • Research
Understanding the role of intellectual capital in the creation of shareholders’ value and its market competitive advantage, the Institute makes an attempt to measure the impact of shareholders’ value on the position of WSE-listed company.
A major area of Institute’s interest is the initiation and participation in studies and educational activities concerning the development of capital markets in the Central and Eastern Europe (CEE).Most studies and analyses concerned with this area are carried out by the institutions based outside the region, frequently showing weaknesses and lack of understanding for process ongoing in this part of Europe. Institute of Capital Market intends to take advantage of current circumstances and to bridge the gap in the segment of analytical reports on the region.

Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. holds 100% shares in the Institute of Capital Market – WSE Research S.A.

Instytut Rynku Kapitałowego – WSE Research S.A.
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