Charitable Activities

Warsaw Stock Exchange S.A. undertakes numerous activities and initiatives aimed at supporting education, science, culture and national heritage.

Believing that education is a key driver of social development Warsaw Stock Exchange in particular commits itself and initiatives undertakings aimed at propagation of knowledge about capital market. To be able to attain this objective more fully the WSE called into being Foundation for Education of Capital Market.

WSE is also involved in social campaigns and offers its charitable aid in the form of financial support to the needy through the agency of specialist organizations.

Warsaw Stock Exchange has a working relationship with the institutions listed below and supports them in their activities:

GPW Foundation
– the Foundation objective is to initiate and support educational activities promoting Stock Exchange as an element of modern economy.

L. Paga Foundation - the objective of Foundation is to carry out educational and promotional activities of best practice in business, and also to support talented students and graduates of universities dealing with business issues.

Foundation for Youth Enterprise – public use non-governmental organisation with the objective to prepare children and youth to live in market economy and to enable young people to acquire knowledge and practical skills facilitating the execution of vocational plans.

Association of Individual Investors – the Association runs activities aimed at comprehensive assistance to individual investors in all areas of investments on the stock exchange.

The Polish Association for Listed Companies – a self-governing body of companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, taking efforts to develop capital market through educational, promotional and lobbing activities. It takes steps to integrate the community of issuers of securities, organizing training courses and seminars for them.

AIESEC – an international youth organization that through apprenticeship exchange programme secures its members with integrated development process that creates an opportunity to test oneself in the position of leader, to get placements in foreign companies and access to global environment based on active knowledge acquisition.

The Polish Institute of Directors – a foundation propagating modern corporate governance standards in Poland.

Polish Economic Society – the objective of Society is to popularize economic knowledge in Poland, to carry out opinion-forming activities, to raise qualifications and to integrate the community of economists.

The Association of Bank Dealers ACI Polska – an organisation propagating knowledge about financial markets and instruments.

Foundation of Promotional Emblem – the objective of foundation is to promote Polish products, services and municipalities at home and abroad. Each year the best products and services are selected in the Contest for granting Polish Promotional Emblem "Poland Now", since 2007 also municipalities have been awarded.

Foundation “Work of New Millennium”– the objective of Foundation is to support development of Christian culture and teachings, to enhance educational opportunities of the youth from small towns and villages. One of the forms of activities is running of scholarship programmes for talented youth attending three-year secondary schools from run-down rural areas – the subsidy is donated to scholarship programme.

The Social Committee for Maintenance of Old Powazki Cemetery in Warsaw – The Committee takes care for historic chapels and gravestones and greenery at the Powazki cemetery, but also initiates and executes conversation of places of historic interest.

We have also supported with subsidies for charitable causes foundations, children’s homes and organization supporting the sick, the disabled, in tough life circumstances including but not limited to Caritas Polska, UNICEF.