Community Building

The stock exchange is not limited only to prices, quotations, figures and money; stock exchange means primarily people that create market, who take care for its development. It is also the platform for exchange of thoughts and views, place where one can learn new experience and share his observations.

Therefore taking care for sustainable development of exchange market and integration of market participants, the WSE developed a special community Website called NewConnect All the People, organizes cyclical meetings at NewConnect Club, and also supports the organisations associating individual investors – Association for Individual Investors.

Taking care for integration of community we also support Polish Association of Listed Companies and we contribute to the integration of brokers and advisers community.

NewConnect community
New Connect All the People associates investors, businessmen, advisers, market makers, WSE representatives and everybody who is interested in NewConnect issues. The objective of community is to gather people and contacts to key persons for NewConnect market and to gather knowledge about this market.

NewConnect Club
The meetings at NewConnect Club are designed for managerial staff of companies interested or listed on the NewConnect market and persons connected with the market (authorised advisers, representatives of brokerage houses, legal offices etc.)

Association for Individual Investors

Polish Association of Listed Companies