RESPECT Index companies - Budimex

RESPECT Index companies - Budimex

Budimex CEO Dariusz Blocher takes questions about the RESPECT Index and his company’s participation in the Index:

What initiatives enabled your company to become one of the 15 top companies? Please list some examples as an inspiration for others.
Budimex’s CSR policy developed for two years now has been acknowledged by the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The key initiatives we have take over that period include:
• Global Compact participation;
• publication of a CSR report (GRI level C);
• implementation of “Budimex Values” in the company;
• adoption of the Code of Behaviour and appointment of an Ethics Committee;
• introduction of the social programme “Domofon ICE” (;
• obligation of Budimex contractors to comply with CSR rules – relevant clauses in contracts;
• the first employee volunteering programme in the company’s history;
• improvement of environmental measures.

Does the specificity of your sector facilitate or hinder CSR initiatives?
Budimex operates in a sector with a strong environmental impact, which motivates us even more to undertake CSR initiatives. Unfortunately, it is not easy because large investment projects are complex and hard to fit into a CSR framework. However, we pursue all our operations bearing in mind that the results of our work will be passed on to future generations. Therefore, we strive to reduce adverse environmental impact.

What prompted your company to take part in the RESPECT survey? What are the benefits of participation in the project?
We do believe that investors have more confidence in companies managed responsibly, and therefore we consider our participation in the RESPECT Index to be an investment in the future of our company.

Does you company note a correlation between the development of a CSR strategy and increased investor interest?
We have been involved in CSR activities for a relatively short time; hence, it is difficult at this moment to prove a correlation. We expect to be in a position to explore this question over a longer period (around 5 years).

How do you evaluate the development of CSR and responsible investment in Poland?
Much remains to be done in this area. In our opinion, the key challenge is to build CSR awareness and confidence among customers. According to research, social corporate responsibility of a service provider or product manufacturer remains at the bottom of the priority list of customers, the price being the top criterion. However, we believe that this will change in favour of responsible companies. We also believe that companies in the European Union will in the near future be required to report their CSR compliance.