Schedule of 11th edition of RESPECT Index

Added: 30.06.2017



Description of the Phase

May, 1 – June, 30

Update of the Questionnaire based on the results of the previous edition, markets participants proposals and own analysis.

June, 30

Appointment list of potential index participants (companies from the WIG20, mWIG40 and sWIG80 indices)

July, 1 – August, 31

Companies analysis in terms of fulfilling Capital Market Rules and Corporate Governance disclosure (Warsaw Stock Exchange)

September, 1

Submission of the list of companies for further analysis to the Polish Association of Issuers

September, 1-30

Analysis of communication with stakeholders (Polish Association of Issuers)

October, 10

Steering Committee meeting, recommendation for the next phase qualification

October, 12

Sending invitation to the companies for questionnaire filling


Questionnaire filling by companies

November, 13- December,8

Audit of questionnaire (Deloitte CE)

December, 12

Steering Committee meeting, recommendation for index qualification

December, 14

Announcement of the Results of 10th edition


*Please be informed that deadlines for the each Phase could be change