Warsaw Stock Exchange

Warsaw Stock Exchange is the largest stock exchange in the Central and Eastern Europe and organizes trade on one of the most dynamically growing capital markets in Europe. Since 2006 it has been in the lead amongst European stock exchanges in terms of the number and value of IPOs. In 2009 Warsaw Stock Exchange was for the first time ever in this category amongst all European stock exchanges, and in 2010 was a runner-up in Europe both in terms of the number and value of IPOs.

Warsaw Stock Exchange initiates and implements qualitative changes vital to the overall Polish capital market enhancing trade liquidity and stock exchange efficiency as a mechanism for capital raising. In the last two years the WSE launched and developed new markets - NewConnect, Catalyst and POEE Energy Market. At present Warsaw Stock Exchange runs trade in financial instruments and commodities in the following markets:

  • Main Market (since 16 April 1991) - shares, bonds, investment certificates, structured products, ETFs and derivatives are traded on the Main Market.
  • NewConnect market (since 30 August 2007) - stock market for young businesses with high growth potential, operated as an alternative trading system, which is connected, among others, with less strict admission criteria.
  • Catalyst market (since 30 September 2009) - bond market being a platform for financing and trade in debt securities issued by businesses and local government units.
  • POEE Energy Market (since 11 December 2010) - energy market being the trading platform for electricity for all categories of energy market participants including power generators, energy trading companies and end-users.
Warsaw Stock Exchange is an organizer of the RESPECT project and is responsible, among others, for carrying out audits, for announcing audit findings, for calculating and publishing index and for co-ordinating efforts of all Partners.

Deloitte Polska is one of the leading consulting firms in Poland, rendering professional services in the following areas: audit, tax advisory, legal counselling, strategic and technological consulting, risk management and financial advisory services.

In Poland Deloitte launched its operations in 1990. Its head office is in Warsaw, whereas a network of local offices covers major Polish metropolia: Cracow, Gdańsk, Łódź, Wrocław, Katowice, Poznań and Szczecin. The total headcount at Polish offices exceeds 1000 employees.

For 20 years of its presence in Poland Deloitte has been growing, increasing the headcount level and the customer base including but not limited through mergers with local auditing and accounting firms. Thanks to that strategy Deloitte offers its customers the superior quality services, combining knowledge and its global resources comprising 170 000 employees in 140 countries worldwide, with invaluable expertise of specialists active in local markets.

Deloitte Polska renders its services to large domestic companies, financial sector institutions and public institutions and multinational companies present in Poland. Striving at meeting customer expectations, it offers them comprehensive, complementary services, operating in accordance with uniform standards, applying the same methodologies and delivering the top quality services in all industries and sectors of economy.
Under the RESPECT project Deloitte (Deloitte Advisory Sp. z o.o.) is responsible for carrying out the revision of the level and degree of complexity of measures, taken by the companies and addressed at their stakeholders, that are a manifestation of widely understood Social Corporate Responsibility (CSR).The revision is carried out in Phase 3 of audit, based on replies provided by the companies in the RESPECT Questionnaire and based on documents shown by the companies. The revision carried out by the Partner is oriented at the confirmation of compliance of all replies provided by the companies with the actual status.

Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG)
Polish Association of Listed Companies (SEG) has been operational since 1993. It offers assistance and consultations for its member companies with regard to legal requirements, market regulations, investor relations. At present SEG associates more than 230 companies listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange and alternative NewConnect market, accounting for more than 80 percent of capitalisation of domestic issuers. The Polish Association of Listed Companies is a self-governing organisation of listed companies. The membership in Association is voluntary. The Association of objective is to support companies with information (dissemination of information about legislative changes as early as possible, frequently long time before the enactment of regulations), with education (organisation of seminars and conferences) and with legal counselling (drafting of legal opinions, recommendations and interpretations of new regulations).

In the RESPECT project the Association is responsible for the evaluation of practices of companies in the areas of corporate governance, information governance and investors relations made based on the Websites of companies during Phase 2 of audit.

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