RESPECT Questionnaire

Similarly to the previous edition, the companies that want to become underlying companies in the RESPECT Index, reply the questions related to various aspects of their activities, that are posed in the  RESPECT questionnaire, 2018. However, this time it takes place only in Phase III of the Project, whereas the invitation to complete the questionnaire is for the companies that successfully passed the initial two phases.

The questionnaire comprises 49 questions concerned with: organisation strategy and management including social responsibility area, environmental issues, HR policy and employee relations, management of market and customer relations.

The questionnaire is completed by the companies electronically by writing answers on the servers of Deloitte,  Revision Partner. This arrangement safeguards full data confidentiality and an option to authenticate persons inputting data.

The online access to the RESPECT questionnaire is provided to the companies once they have signed a commitment to subject themselves to revision if they have been selected for audit and that they also accept audit rules.

RESPECT questionnaire, XII edition, 2018
RESPECT questionnaire, VIII edition, 2014
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