Scientific Council

Scientific Council is a consultative body, providing its opinion on the method of RESPECT examination and way of project execution. The Council members include professors from leading Polish economic universities, specialising in capital market issues, value management at companies and examination methodology.

Aleksandra Duliniec, Prof. PhD has been an employee of the Warsaw School of Economics since 1981, in the position of associate professor since 1999. Professor Duliniec has written many scientific publications on corporate finance, value and capital management at company including books „Capital structure and cost at the company” (PWN, 1998 and 2001) and „Corporate Financing” (PWE, 2007). For many years Professor Duliniec has been in charge of Financial Management Department, and since 2008 she has also been the Chair of the Faculty of Capital Markets at the Warsaw School of Economics. Professor Aleksandra Duliniec was the Fulbright scholarship holder (University of Hartford, USA) and holder of scholarship granted by Norwegian government (NHH at Bergen), she collaborated with schools of business at American universities in Minnesota and Indiana states. Professor Duliniec frequently combines scientific and educational work at the Warsaw School of Economics with activities in the business area acting, among others, as a member of Supervisory Boards of Polish companies, an expert working jointly with consulting firms, consultant of government administration bodies (Ministry of Finance, the National Bank of Poland) and member of scientific councils.

Alojzy Z. Nowak, Prof. PhD is Professor of Economic Sciences at Warsaw University. Main areas of his scientific and teaching activities include: banking, international economic relations and economic integration, risk management on financial markets, capital markets. His postdoctoral dissertation (1995) was devoted to finance and banking, and his PhD thesis (1991) was about monetary policy. In 1996-2002 he was a university teacher of economics at Warsaw University. In 2002 he was granted a title of professor of economic sciences. He also studied at foreign universities including but not limited to the United States (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), United Kingdom (Exeter University) and Germany (Free University in Berlin). At present the Dean of Business Administration Faculty (Warsaw University) and employee of the European Centre at Warsaw University, Head of the Finance Department at Kozminski Business and Administration University in Warsaw, Chairman of the Scientific Council of the National Bank of Poland. A winner of numerous awards and distinctions both at home and abroad, author or co-author of several dozen textbooks and even bigger number of articles in renowned scientific magazines.

Piotr Płoszajski, Prof., PhD is a graduate of management at the Lodz University, Poland and Harvard Business School, USA. Holder of scholarships of, among others, The Ford Foundation, The British Academy, CNRS in Paris, The Swiss Foundation, Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, DAAD, Research Scholar at Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA. Since 1971 Prof. Płoszajski has been a research worker at the Polish Academy of Sciences, in the 1987-1991 period the Director of Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, and in the 1993-1998 period the General Director of the Polish Academy of Sciences. At present university teacher and Head of the Department of the Management Theory at Warsaw School of Economics. Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Foreign Relations during the term of office in 2005-2008. The founder and chairman of the Council of Polish-Japanese Management Centre at the Warsaw School of Economics. A co-founder and university teacher at Warsaw Executive MBA programme run jointly by Warsaw School of Economics and Carlson School of Management, USA. The author of more than 200 publications including a few books in English. Recently he has dealt with New Economy, the impact of technologies on business models, prosumption and marketing for “new customer“. A co-worker of main Polish business publishers including but not limited to: The Puls Biznesu daily, The Gazeta Prawna daily, The Manager Magazine, Harvard Business Review (Polska).

Małgorzata Rószkiewicz, Prof. PhD, is a professor at the Institute of Statistics and Demography at the Warsaw School of Economics. Her scientific interests focus on marketing studies, application of quantitative techniques to strategy design and marketing activities of enterprise and on demographic and socio-economic conditions for consumption markets. Professor Rószkiewicz writes her scientific papers on three research specialisations i.e. statistics, demography and marketing studies. She collaborates with research agencies as a consultant on quantitative studies. Professor Rószkiewicz is a member of International Association for Statistical Studies (IASA) and European Association for Population Studies (EAPS).